Natal Chart Reading

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NATAL CHART READING is an online course to help beginner and intermediate astrology students read their first natal charts with confidence.

NATAL CHART READING is not just a directory of information about signs and planets - NATAL CHART READING is a step-by-step framework that will help you think like an astrologer.

NATAL CHART READING is for you if you fall into one of the following 3 categories:

  • BEGINNER: you know the 12 signs and a little bit about planets and New and Full Moons
  • INTERMEDIATE: you know your chart (or have got if from an astrologer), but you still have to google what "Venus in the 3rd house" means, and you're not sure how to put all the bits and pieces of the chart together
  • You can already read charts, but you want to brush up and get the foundations right


COURSE CURRICULUM - This Is What You'll Learn

MODULE 1: The Planets

Start with the most important astrology archetypes:

  • Learn how the planets, signs and houses work together
  • The 10 planets
  • The Lunar Nodes and Chiron
  • The anatomy of a natal chart
  • The difference between natal charts and transits
  • Generate your natal chart

MODULE 2: The 12 Signs

Put another piece of the puzzle together & learn about the 12 signs:

  • What role the 12 signs play in natal chart reading
  • Signs vs. houses
  • Polarity, Elements and Qualities
  • The 12 signs
  • Planets in signs
  • Apply everything you learned to your natal chart

MODULE 3: The 12 Houses

Your natal chart starts to come together through the 12 houses:

  • What role houses play in your natal chart
  • The Ascendant, the IC, the Descendant and the Midheaven
  • The 4 quadrants of the chart and the hero's journey
  • The 12 houses
  • Planets in houses and planets in transit
  • Apply to your natal chart: planets in signs and houses

MODULE 4: Planets In Aspects

Connect different elements of the chart through the aspects:

  • The role aspects play in the natal chart reading
  • An overview of the main aspects: conjunction, sextile, square, trine, quincunx, opposition
  • Transits or real-time aspects
  • Apply everything you learned to your natal chart

MODULE 5: Read Your Natal Chart

You are now ready to read your (and other people's) natal chart(s):

  • Bring everything together
  • An overview of the 4 types of basic astrology readings
  • A step-by-step framework to read charts for each of the 4 types of readings
  • Read your own chart and other people's charts
  • Final quiz and certificate of course completion

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