Natal Chart Reading PRO

Natal Chart Reading PRO is an online course to help upper-intermediate and advanced astrology students take your chart reading skills to the next level.

There are endless combinations of planets in signs and houses, and hundreds of transits - but how does everything connect together? The Natal Chart Reading PRO online course will help you make sense of all the astrological jargon - so you can get to the bottom on natal chart interpretation.

Natal Chart Reading PRO is for you if you fall into one of the following 3 categories:

  • UPPER-INTERMEDIATE: You know the basics of astrology – planets, signs, and houses – but you're not quite sure how to put them together into a meaningful chart interpretation
  • ADVANCED: you already read natal charts but may take a long prep time for prep
  • You fluently read natal charts, but you want to learn new approaches to chart reading, OR you want to learn more about predictions and planetary cycles

By the end of the course, you'll be able to read your natal chart like a PRO. Step-by-step formulas, guides, checklists, and quizzes will support you in the learning process.

If you consider starting doing readings for other people, this course will show you how to confidently read natal charts with minimal preparation. If you already read charts for other people, the course will give a fresh perspective to chart interpretation.


This is What You'll Learn

MODULE 1: The Natal Chart Synthesis

Learn how to wholistically read your chart with a 7-step formula:

  • The big picture of the chart
  • Chart imbalances
  • Aspect patterns
  • Stelliums
  • The chart ruler
  • Special planetary aspects
  • Important houses

MODULE 2: Planets And Psyche

The Astro Butterfly's original "Planets And Psyche" model

  • How planets are connected to different areas of our psyche
  • Personal planets, social planets, outer planets
  • The bridge planets: Mars & Chiron
  • Identifying where someone is "stuck" and what kind of transformation they need

MODULE 3: House Rulerships

Go deep in your chart interpretation with house rules:

  • What is the House Rulership Model
  • The difference between house rulers and planets in houses
  • A step-by-step framework to answer specific questions and get to the bottom of the problem

MODULE 4: Cycles Of Time

Set the scene by understanding in which planetary cycle you are in right now:

  • The 12-year Jupiter Cycle
  • The 29-year Saturn Cycle
  • The 50-year Chiron Cycle
  • The 84-year Uranus Cycle
  • The Neptune square
  • The Pluto square
  • Transits by age groups

MODULE 5: Predictive Techniques

Learn when things are likely to happen - and what this means for your destiny:

  • Transits
  • Solar returns
  • Eclipses
  • Special planetary cycles in transit
  • Progressions
  • Solar arcs
  • Putting it all together

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